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There is no real easy way to say this...

No way to put it all on the line but there comes a time when someone has to finally be truthful I despise you. I hate all that you stand for. I dread the fact that you even own a camera.

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I see it every day, the over-edited, un-composed images. The ridiculous use of lighting or the complete and total disregard for it. The flat, uninteresting images that grace your page. You are an embarrassment to the industry. To call yourself a professional photographer and dare to charge people for the monstrosities that you provide is nothing short of a crime against humanity.

There is nothing about you more despicable than your over the top bragging about how many clients you have lining up to your friends and family but yet, there you sit, refreshing, hoping, waiting for someone to respond Just one email. Just one comment. Its what you need to give yourself a sense of relevance and continue your destruction of the art of photography and eventually, you'll get one and the world will need to somehow endure even more of your horrid images.

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Posted in Photograph Post Date 10/28/2019