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Getting married outside in Michigan can be very very tricky

Even if you do everything to prepare yourself, getting married outside in Michigan can be very very tricky. This Summer, in particular, was unusually full of rainy Saturdays.but the rest of the week would be cloudless and sunny. That may be perfect for lazy beach days, but not so perfect for weddings. Needless to say, as I saw the grey and overcast skies on the morning of Maegan and Nate's wedding, I was a bit worried. It sprinkled a bit as I got ready to leave, but then the sun started to peak through and I thought the worst was over As I headed to The English Inn, I gave Maegan a call and reassured her that her day would be amazingand that it was simply not going to rainthen as soon as I hung up he phone, the skies opened up and began to pour! I felt as if I jinxed the whole thing!

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Luckily, when I arrived, Maegan was as sweet as could be and completely ready to take on whatever the day was going to throw at her as gracefully as possible. If her outdoor wedding was going to get rained out, and her plans to have pictures in the MSU Rose Garden had to be scrapped, then she was still determined to be as happy as could be. She was my heroa girl who can remain this calm in this situation is something you don't come across very often.and I HAD to make sure she had some amazing pictureseven if it rained!

We spent the rest of the morning checking the radar, and coming up with plan B, C, D & E in between taking pictures of the bridal party and detail shots.. it was looking pretty grim and everyone started preparing for the worst. My heart was broken for themNate and Maegan are both such amazing people and I could not imagine having such an amazing wedding planned in the beautiful outdoors and then having to move it all inside among the tables where their cocktail hour was to take place. It would still be beautiful, but it wouldn't be what they had worked so hard to createit wouldn't have been their dream wedding. So, Bregan and I stood outside in the rain, held hands and began to praywhether or not this actually helped, we will never know, but soon the clouds parted and the sun came out and dried up every trace of rain just in time for their ceremony.it couldn't have been more perfect timing.

I was in awe.it was truly a blessing, and they are one amazing couple that completely deserved it.

I have a feeling that even if it rained, they would have enjoyed their day just as much. After all, they we're marrying the one they LOVED and that is all that mattered

Thank you so much, Maegan & Nate, for allowing me to capture your day and to be able to witness how BIG your LOVE is for each other.I just know the two of you will have many many happy years together!

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