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5 Photographers You Should Be Following in 2014

One thing I always say is you should always be learning new skills and the internet is fantastic for that! Even in the 4 years since I left college the level of online tutorials is so much better and I don't think anyone has an excuse for not improving. Following other photographs is one of the best ways of improving for different reasons so I have put together a list of 5 photographers you should be following and why.

No. 1 Brooke Shaden

Now I wouldn't say Brooke was the best photographer in the world she takes a nice photo like many people can do, I don't think she is the greatest Photoshop artist but she gets done what she needs done. What I love about Brooke is her passion for being creative! You watch her work and she will make you want to go out and shoot. She loves to share with people how she does her work and how she is inspired and I love this about her. Her new series Promoting Passion is fantastic series of short videos that will drive you to go out and shoot.

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No. 2 Lauri Laukkanen

This man is doing well for 21, an established commercial photographer in Finland and his tutorials for SLR Lounge are fantastic! He goes into detail the post production process to an image which is something I strive to do in future, just need myself good micIt's good to see something go into detail on how the achieved the look to such commercial images. I am really looking forward to seeing what he produces now it seemsto be taking off for him.

No. 3 Aaron Nace/Phlearn

What you want to follow Aaron for are his Photoshop tutorials. He is great with Photoshop but it is also the way he teaches. it's just a relaxed and simple way to go in-depth in Photoshop and simply explain things. I'm pretty much self-taught with Photoshop and when people get to technical I get bored, I want to know what the tool does to image and how to do it. Phlearn share ALLOT on YouTube for free but they also have some fantastic pro tutorial at really reasonable price on their shop.

No. 4 Luke Woodford

Unlike the others in this list Luke doesn't share much about how he works but this is part of what I love about him. He doesn't shoot often but when he does it's epic! He also is so driven to succeed that it can only rub off on you when you see how much he puts into each shoot. I don't have to say much his work speaks for itself

No. 5 -SalCincotta

Now Sal does take some really nice wedding and family/studio photographs but his real talent is his business brain! As he says you don't want to be a starving artist and he can help! After watching him some things clicked in my business and he also confirmed things I thought I had to do and since making those changes things for Flixiety have been on the up and up. Everything he said was correct. He is also the man behind Shutter Magazine which is great read for any photographer.

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