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Photography in the Music Industry

Photography is the art of creating still images of objects, called pictures, on photo-sensitive surfaces like film or an image sensor. It is a form of visual art similar to paintings, drawings and the likes.

As an art, photography is claimed by some people to be a subjective representation of reality. The photographer can choose to alter the lighting, decide what object to take a photograph of, vary the angle that is photographed, etc. The specific choices made by the photographer can be used to create a certain mood or highlight a certain context. Nevertheless, the photograph still captures an aspect of reality and documents it.

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Despite being a visual art, photography can be of great value to the performing arts. The promotion and recording or documentation of performing arts such as theater, play, drama or music relies greatly on the art of photography.

Let us take for example, the music industry. It is a very complicated system of individuals or organization involved in the selling of music---recordings, live performances, etc. It is also a lucrative business, generating very large revenues for many people who are strategically- positioned in this industry.

In the music recording business, a composer or songwriter writes a composition and sells it's copyright to a publishing company. In effect, the publishing company earns the license to promote and sell the use of the composition. When a recording company decides to use a composition, it pays the publishing company and carefully selects a recording artist, who in turn records the song in a studio. The recording company then is in charge of promoting the record, reproducing it in the form of physical media, marketing the media and distributing them to music stores and retailers. These stores and retailers finally sell the record to consumers.

A consumer could either be a fan of the music composition itself, the composer or the recording artist. More often than not, it is the recording artist that draws most of the record buyers. Many fans would spend a fortune on music albums of their favorite singer regardless of whether they like the record or not.

Recording companies recognize this fact and thus, go all-out in promoting their artists. They know that promoting their recording artists side-by-side with the records they produce is bound to increase their record sales.

To a great extent, promotion makes use of photography to capture and document the singer or recording artist. A good photographer makes sure that he captures the image of the star artist in a good light, depicting the artist in his best look, his best pose, his best self. This way, the singer may be made even more appealing to public -- physically rather than vocally.

These photographs of recording artists are spread all over the internet---in websites, facebook pages, twitter, etc. Seeing more and more pictures of these artists somehow seems to draw the fans closer to them. To the overly fanatic, touching a close-up picture of his favorite artist may even be as good as seeing the artist in person. It may be true what they say: out of sight, out of mind. Rest assured, recording companies will make sure their artists will not be out of your sight and definitely not out of your mind.

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