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As a person who uses the latest Nikon bodies, and, a few Canon DSLRs too! I am not going to be a complete hypocrite and say that these bad boys don't help. The fact is they do! ISO, new sensors, and functions all play a part to making the perfect image. However, the next "size" down are also a cracking and viable option don"t you think? Nikon's D700 is a sweet offering, while the Canon 7D is a lovely camera to use (say's this Nikon guy!).

So if the "non-pro" cameras are worth a look, what about the next "size" down in lens? Well I wouldn't certainly entertain that a lens that is not a pro lens be as near as good than the big guns. So I would suggest looking outside the "families". Sigma, Tokina, and Tameron all offer fits for other brands. Well it just so happens that I use the PRO range offerings from Sigma, using them in my everyday business and quite frankly they do an amazing job.

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OK! Are they as sharp as the brands own lens I here alot of you say? Well the answer to this is not quite But they are certainly not far away. Take the Sigma 70-200 F2.8 HSM with OS. This lens is a pro lens, well made, and feels solid when used. It has the same features as it's counter parts. 2.8 all the way through with internal focusing, and stabilization Yet it is almost half the price which ticks the affordability box. Sigma lenses also come with an impressive 3 year warranty.

For those who are still not convinced I was invited to photograph a local charity football match in aid of the Penny Lane Developement Trust in the city of Liverpool. Sports photography is not something that I can claim to do, or do well, but thought was a perfect opportunity to try the Sigma 70 200 lens. I also decided to shoot with my old (But still going), workhorse Nikon D200.

They are shot in jpg and only have a basic conversion to web sized images. Now I don't know about most of you, but I think they turned out pretty good (not my sports photography skills mind. I know I have a long way to go to cover a proper game of football at my beloved Anfield). The shots are sharp with a superb depth of field.

So what is the end game to this thread? Well my advice is if you can afford AND justify spending your hard earned wonga on the top stuff, then you can't go wrong. However if you watching your pennies I suggest looking at other options. The Sigma range of lenses offer a really good alternative these days. Go into your local shops, take a camera body with you and ask to try them. If they feel right for you then you're on a winner. Also worth a look at the next camera down too.

Do you use other lenses? Swapped from Nikon or Canon to another brand? Dropped to the next camera down? Even changed from one brand to another? Leave a comment with what you have now, used, or using. It will be a good read!

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