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Going out and taking photos is just a small percent in the process of selling photography. Is here where we we encounter the traditional query, is photography art or is a business? If you are taking photography seriously you should know the business skills are a must if you want to make a living out of photography.

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Nowadays, with the help of the internet there is an immense opportunity for starting photographers to build relationships with potential clients. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and even Skype are ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing you as a photographer more than your work. In few words, social media is not there for you to sell your work, even though you can, but to build relationships with editors, art collectors and many other potential buyers or contractors. Again, printed or electronic portfolios can't get so far without the link between the recipient and yourself because, by far, personal contact is the most important aspect when it comes to promote your work. The client want to see the final product before putting his trust in you for a work.

I can have an immense talent and take amazing pictures, but if you don't know how to show it to the world is a waste of time. For this reason, use social media to promote yourself and not your photography, taking into account the your art work will be there to support you.

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