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The Cuddeback game spring cameras are made by a company called Non-Typical Incorporated who hail from Park Falls, WI.

The most well known part of these cameras is the trigger speed. Trigger speeds are usually advertised as about three quarters of a second but usually end up far closer to one second when tested individually. The reaction time from the moment of the triggering of the PIR until the activation of the shutter is excellent.

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This means that your cuddeback can be used as an actual camera for the trail rather than as a camera for a bait station. With a long pause before the picture actually takes, you end up with a lovely empty background instead of your subject.

Due to the Battery Wise Technology, the camera can be placed in an ideal spot without worrying about the need to change the batteries for up to six months.

The life of the battery however is only one factor in how long your camera can be left. You also need to consider the size of the Compact Flash Memory. Your six month battery will be fairly worthless to you if you only have a 32 or 64 meg card that is full in day or two so when you order remember the extra camera card. Having your camera be worthless because the card is full isn't going to impress you when it comes time that the perfect image is bypassed because the camera card is filled to capacity.

Experts say that even 64 megs isn't enough even if you change or check it every couple of days. They recommend at least 256 to make sure that your camera captures all the images that you want to see with your Cuddeback camera, and can leave it for a few days prior to checking and emptying the camera card.

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