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I have used the new radio module from Sekonic (L358 with RT-32CTL), a couple of times now and although I will bring a full review in the very near future, I thought that I would share a couple of early thoughts.

Even though the module is out, the firmware update from PocketWizard is just a Beta so there is some testing to be done. After using this system (I will refer to the PocketWizard ControlTL TT1, TT5 and AC3 controller plus the Sekonic RT-32CTL from here on in), on a live shoot and full shoot I did think there was a problem. No matter how much I altered the power settings of my Nikon speedlights via the AC3 did not register on the camera screen (image). This got me a little worried as the make up artists had spend 4 hours perfecting their craft. However a few rants and shouts later the problem was rectified. For the record it had nothing to the with the system, but a sync problem. Back to the utilities for me to sort this out, but now all is good.

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The two questions that I wanted answers too are:

1) Are the readings from the meter accurate?

Accurate as in when altering power on the AC3 and syncing with the meter. PocketWizard recommends that once you change power settings, you should press the test button. They have spent a lot longer than I have making sure this feature is precise and I have to admit it is. You can get accurate results without testing, but not recommended.

2) Is it consistent?

Looking through some 200 images from the shoot, I have to say that not only do they all look at the same light levels, but also they all seem to be exposed too! The odd miss-fire due to my happy trigger finger aside of course.

My initial reactions is to keep checking the images, I guess because I have not been able to to this it is still a bit new. It is about time we (creative lighting speedlight users), had the ability to meter at last. A welcomed change.

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