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21 Things I wish I knew about photography before I got started

1. Invest in good quality lenses.

Don't skimp on your lens they will out live your camera in most cases.

2. Before you purchase your lens know what kind of photography you will be doing most often.

Will it be portraits for family. Sports events landscapes etc. There are plenty of lenses to choose from so ask questions and choose wisely.

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3. Get a good quality camera.

Get the best camera you can afford.

4. Do not get sucked in to debates about camera brands

Plenty of Photographers love to debate which brand is better. Use what ever camera will get the job done. Leave brand debates to camera Manufactures.

5. Do research on the camera you want to buy

Find out as much as you can by visiting sites to read articles and customer reviews and make an educated decision.

6. Take an introduction to photography class.

You may not feel as if you need to take a class, but if you do not know the basics the advanced things will make your head spin.

7. Read photography blogs.

You can learn a lot from following the right photography blogs. I learned a lot about gear and techniques by occasionally visiting a few sites and reading the articles.

8. Should you get a camera that shoots video?

My advice is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. I get plenty

of video jobs so I'm glad my camera does both less gear to carry.

The choice is yours there is no right or wrong answer.

9. Put your work out there on social media outlets like Facebook ,twitter,flicker, model mayhem etc.

Having my work on these sites has gotten me work from a variety of different clients that having a

website alone would not reach.

10. Have your photography or video work available on a mobile device.

I have landed jobs by showing my work on the Ipod Touch and the Ipad for both video and photography work. I happen to use Apple products but, any device will do.

11. Read the manual your camera came with.

There is nothing worst than fumbling through your camera menus in front of a client.

12. Get a professional website.

You can post what ever content you want without worrying about breaking the rules of social media outlets. Certain images can get your account deleted.

13.Have more than one memory card.

I learned the hard way at my cousins wedding when my memory card got corrupted. Luckily they had a photographer and I was there as a guest. After that incident, I always carry about three back up cards with me.

14. Do not forget your camera equipment laying around.

Cameras are not cheap so do not leave them in cars or set them down in public. I lost my first camera with two lens by resting it on the floor for a few minutes while trying on a shirt.

15. Back up the images and video from your shoots on a hard drive right after the shoot.

My camera got stolen a day after I did a music video for and artist. Since I transferred the video to my hard drive after the shoot, I did not need to re shoot ten hours of video.

16. Always use the lens hood

The lens hood offers protection against drops, etc as well as having the added bonus of helping (immensely, in some cases) control flare and lack of contrast in your images from stray light hitting the lens at oblique angles.

17. Learn photoshop or some other image editing software that comes with your camera.

Some basic color correction and contrast can fix unflattering images. It is best to take care of as much as you can in camera, but even the most skilled photographer uses some tool to enhance their photos.

18. Get a little point and shoot and keep it with you.

Camera phones have come a long way, but a decent point and shoot will provide sharp images even in lower light. I use a small canon s90 to shoot my photography equipment. The convenience of having a point and shoot allows me to practice my photography skills often.

19. Do not be infatuated with lens size.

Big lens does not mean professional photographer or better images. Do your research and understand why you are using the lens your using.

20. Do not put all your faith in fancy equipment trust me every other month there will be new things to buy.

Try to master the art and worry less about the toys and gadgets.

21. Take as many pictures as you want it's digital.

Before digital each roll of film cost you money, so what was in your wallet would determine the amount of practice you could put in to shooting. With digital photography you can shoot and if you do not like what you see shoot It again.

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