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Mardi Gras At Farmers Market

A trip the Big Easy is not so easy for me this year, so I was happy to settle for an LA version of a Mardi Gras celebration at the Farmers Market over the weekend. The minute I stepped out of my car I could here in the distance the distinct sound of jazzy music that marks New Orleans like no other. Dressed for action nope not what you think tennis shoes and jeans with a camera in my hands, I strolled around the crowd looking for a good moment to capture. Just as quickly as I whipped out my Nikon I slipped it back into my bag.

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Slowly but surely I'm growing more and more comfortable photographing people. It helps to be with a group of more seasoned photographers. Once I was connected with my group I went ahead allowed myself to soak in the lively atmosphere around me. Below is a collection of this day:

I wanted to capture people feeling the day. Feeling the atmosphere. In the moment. Savoring life. With the photo above, I played with a blur foreground to achieve my focal point.

I didn't like that my focal point was out focus. This is why I tinkered with filters via PicMonkey to help the photo above along. I like the woman's expression sly and happy.

The lighting on the stage was very nice. I used it to my advantage to capture the lady in brown. I love the carmel hue casting her in an unexpected spotlight.

Photographing subjects behind glass is hard to do! I did what I could. Next time. Next. Time.

I just loved how the colors complemented each other with the photo above. The little figure above the standing text-er made me smile. This guy also served as a reminder of how we (bloggers) sometimes forget to be in the moment similar to the people in the background who are enjoying real life.

*This is not a review. I'm simply sharing my personal thoughts and experiences.

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